Linnea Wexler

Linnea Wexler is an internationally trained Master Certified Coach, a Master Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Master Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy® and a Master Certified Hypnotherapist. 

Linnea is a Personal Development and Life Coach specializing in profound healing, emotional wellness, relationships and personal empowerment. In the professional arena, Linnea has been trained as an Executive & Business Coach. Linnea also works with clients looking to master personal and professional goals in all areas of life through Peak Performance Coaching. 




Quality of Life

Linnea Wexler is committed in her passion for helping clients get empowered as they step into their purpose, experience profound personal healing, master negative emotions, gain valuable insights in their relationships with others, improve overall health and wellness, prosper professionally, set and achieve goals, amplify personal freedom and create the life they truly dream of living. 


This is your opportunity to take responsibility for your experience of the world,

to own your purpose, to master your state,

to become more free than you may have even imagined to be possible 

and to live the life that you believe you are here to live.


Coaching Services

Personal Development, life, wellness & Relationship Coaching


Executive, bUSINESS, Organizational & sALES Coaching


Peak Performance & Personal Excellence Coaching



James Gilland

Accomplished Sales and Technology Professional

 Lauri Waddell

Successful Real Estate Investor and Motivational Speaker

 KiM Lockett


“I really enjoyed working with Coach Linnea! I felt comfortable working with and talking to her. She was effective in helping me with goal setting!”


Sara Garzon 

Life Coach

“The experience I shared with Linnea has truly been an unforgettable one. She simply radiates with passion and love for her occupation and clients, which shows in optimal results. As a client, I have experienced lasting and ideal outcomes which surpassed my expectations. I’ve also come to know Linnea at a personal level and at her core is nothing but a transparent and caring heart. I couldn’t be more grateful for all we accomplished together.”