Climbing Mount Everest, literally or figuratively, requires profound transformation, strength, adaptability, course correcting, insight and revelation. The challenges we face can be our greatest blessings if we are determined to make them so. They can be our most profound opportunities to grow in our lives and as people. Creating meaning is empowered by intention.


Do you use the New Year as an opportunity to set new goals? What do you really want to accomplish in 2018?
Romance, finance, personal development, career, family, fitness and nutrition, health and wellness, weight loss, smoking, drinking, addictions, repeating patterns, emotional sobriety, spirituality and purpose are on the minds of so many people around the world as the clock ticks across midnight and the pages turn on our fresh calendars.
What do we really want to do with our one extraordinary life?
Creating the future we crave comes from having vision and, so importantly, putting in the actions required to bring what lies in the mind’s eye to reality.
Goal setting and goal achieving are a major part of being able to reap the benefits of the coaching process.
Many people are familiar with the importance of having SMART goals. These are:
* Specific
* Measurable
* Achievable
* Realistic
* Timed
NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis bring goal setting and achieving to another dimension entirely. Knowing that the mind has the power to create what it envisions, specialized techniques utilize the ways the mind processes information to take the goals we have not just to the conscious mind, but also to the level of the unconscious mind. What comes from being deeply congruent, clear and driven at every level are major, lasting and life transforming results.
Celebrate the New Year by giving yourself the gift of your own best life now. Book an appointment or set up a consultation today to get the coaching your life deserves to rocket you into the happiness, prosperity and wellness you were born to live.

Every year around the holiday season, many people are thinking about their families. While some will say they could not have wished for a better family, which is a tremendous gift, there are also many others who have not had such an easy time at home and growing up.

Troubled relationships, remaining childhood issues, deeply rooted traumas, undesirable repeating patterns, problems that can even cross generations and present day familial strains can bring many adolescents and adults ongoing frustrations and suffering, even after years or decades of significant efforts to find peace and freedom from the past.

True healing is possible no matter what has happened, how much time has passed or how seemingly stubborn the wounds have been. Correct work with the conscious and unconscious mind provides fast, gentle and powerful results.

On the other side awaits freedom from inner bondage, access to the greatest life changing lessons available from all our experiences, massive personal transformation and the ability to flourish in the lives we were truly born to live.






In NLP coaching, when couples are seeking help in their romantic relationships, there are some key components necessary for them to be able to step into powerful positive changes and reconnection. First, they must both believe the relationship is worth saving, and next they must both be willing to do whatever it takes in their relationship.
Discovery and alignment of values are very important for a couple to be congruent with each other, both in the present and in moving forward together. Cleaning up negative emotions and negative anchoring can keep a couple from getting stuck in any previously unresolved issues of the past. Learning each others love strategies, which includes learning how to fulfill each other at the level of attraction and at the level of deep love helps couples to connect, bond and grow stronger together.

In practices and paths around the world, going beyond the appearance of division and meeting instead at a place of oneness is a core value and goal.

One of the fundamental presuppositions of NLP is respect for the other person’s model of the world. This is vital in giving overall respect to others, as a practice in honoring others and as a facilitator in sharing compassion. It is also important in being able to help other people by meeting them exactly where they are. 

Rather than thinking of patience as passivity or resignation, patience can be felt as a wise and gentle form of Power. Patience may be experienced as a method of humility, of re-attuning to intuition, of trusting in something greater, and as compassion for oneself and others. As much as it is a virtue, patience is also a skill that can be exercised and honed with practical applications and results. It encourages watching, listening, intelligence, discernment, considering when to act and when to wait, knowing how to balance the details with the bigger picture. At the level of emotions, patience can be a way to recenter oneself rather than perceiving the world to be a place of otherwise continuous frustrations. Instead of being thought of as a form of weakness, it carries in at its core the energies of good faith, deep strength and love.

Carl Jung, the father of analytical psychology, believed that when we resist looking at important aspects of ourselves that we may not want to see, those aspects may not only remain but can actually increase in size. This draws energy into the cycle of resistance: problem -> more resistance -> more problem. Therefore, ongoing resistance to aspects of oneself can create conflicting parts within. Having the willingness to look honestly at a problem is vital to unlocking the gates of undesired patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors, instead blazing the way to true freedom, peace and wholeness.

Renewal is a constant opportunity within ourselves. It provides the ability to learn and grow, to successfully adapt to change, and to continue to live as better people in our own lives, in our own hearts, in fulfillment of our purpose and in our relationships with others. The choice to look at ourselves in complete honesty from the present moment is an action of strength, faith, respect and integrity.

Transform your experience of life today. Get free from what keeps you in the past, make the most of the present and create the future you truly believe you were meant to live. Breakthrough Coaching in Personal Development, Business and Peak Performance is the best investment in the priceless ability to live freely, happily and in fulfillment of your life’s purpose.